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Gaia Restaurant & Cafe

Gaia Restaurant &

Our Restaurant & Cafe in Brooklyn, NY is proud to be serving a wide variety of healthy, organic, local and sustainable options for all diets to help our mission to nurture your nature! Enjoy wholesome Colombian food, coffee by Devocion and juice and smoothie options in Prospect Lefferts Gardens prepared by Nena Sierra to nourish your soul.



Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 9pm)

Arepa Con Huevos Pericos - $14

Organic eggs served scramble with hogao over a corn arepa

Eggs Benedicts Palenque Style - $17

Two organic poached eggs over a quinoa and multigrain arepas with avocado, hogao and salad

Lox Eggs Benedict - $22

Two organic poached eggs over a quinoa and multigrain arepa with salmon, capers and spinach

Portobello Omelete Arepa - $15

Organic eggs served scramble with hogao over a corn arepa

Waffles - $12

2 Pandebono waffles with Passion fruit syrup

Yogurt & Granola - $14

Coconut yogurt, seasonal Fruit, and granola

Soups & Salads

Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 9pm)


Palenque salad with protein $14

Mix greens, sunflower seeds, sun dried tomatoes

Add protein:

  • Chicken - $14
  • Portobello mushrooms - $16
  • Jumbo shrimp - $17

Spinach Salad $13

Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, Colombian cheese and avocado


Ajiaco $13

Traditional & authentic soup from Bogotá made with 4 different kinds of potatoes, organic white chicken & corn, heavy cream and capers.

Vegan lentil soup $11

delicious lentils soup with vegetables and potatoes

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Arepitas surtidas $15

8 mini arepitas with toppings: Colombian cheese, hogao, beans & arugula


  • Avocado - $2
  • Hogao: Tomatoes, green onions and olive oil cooked together - $2
  • Mashed red beans - $2
  • Colombian cheese - $2


Arepa de Choclo $7

Sweet corn and melted mozzarella cheese

Arepa con queso y hogao $9

White corn arepa with Colombian cheese and hogao

Yuca fries $7

Homemade cassava fries

Patacones $9

Green plantains with cheese and hogao

Maduro $9

Whole plantain with cheese and sweet guava paste

Papitas Criollas $7

Traditional Colombian small fried yellow potatoes

Tajadas $7

Sweet plantains with cheese


Organic eggs served scramble with hogao over a corn arepa


Our arepas are 100% gluten free you can choose between corn, quinoa or multigrain the following toppings

Típica $14 (Vegetarian)

Mashed red beans and hogao

La madura $13 (Vegetarian)

Mashed red beans & fried sweet plantains

Honguisa $14 (Vegetarian)

Portobello mushrooms

Caliente $17 (Vegetarian) (Has Gluten)

Spicy organic vegetarian chipotle chorizo

Gallo $14

Organic White chicken

Costeña $17

Savory jumbo shrimp

Salmona $20

Smoke salmon and capers

EMPANADAS - $6 each

Our empanadas are made with 5 organic & healthy  grains brown rice, quinoa, flax, sesame and chia seeds

Organic white chicken and potatoes

Portobello mushrooms (Vegan)

Colombian cheese

Cambray: Colombian cheese and guava paste

Juices & Smoothies

Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 9pm)


Agua de panela $6

Traditional & popular Colombian drink, it’s a homemade lemonade with organic sugar cane, lemon and ginger a boost for your immune system.

Jugo de lulo $6

Exotic tropical citrus fruit

Jugo de mango $6

Fresh mango juice

Jugo de maracuyá $6

Passion fruit natural juice

Jugo de piña $5

Fresh pineapple juice

Jugo de guanabana $6

Guanabana juice

Jugo de guayaba $6

Guava juice

Organic Pineapple Juice $9

Organic Green Juice $9


Green smoothie $9

Spinach, celery, pineapple, lime, avocado

Green smoothie $9

Banana, avocado, almond butter, frozen berries, oat milk, hemp seeds.

Ginger shot $5

Turmeric shot $ 5


Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 9pm)


Check our delicious full coffee menu from Devoción:

Espresso $3.50

Cappuccino $4.50

Latte $5

Americano $3.50

Macchiato $4

Cold brew $4.75

Alternative milk - $0.75

Exotic Dry fruits infusion - $3.50

Hot chocolate (Colombian style hot chocolate) $5

Hot agua de panela $5

Organic matcha Latte $7

Ginger turmeric Matcha latte $9


Colombiana (Kola champagne) $3

Topo chico $3.50

Canned water $3

Alcoholic Drinks

Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 9pm)

Beer $7

Gai’s beer in stock and Colombian beer “AGUILA”

Wine $9 / (by the bottle) $25

Red or White

Sangria $10

Red wine Sangria


Agua de panela hechizada $13

Organic sugar cane lemonade with Mezcal or Tequila garnished with Tajin

Mandarina Mimosa $13

Champaign with tangerine juice

Lulo margarita $13

Gaia tropical fruit cocktail $14

With mint and a shot of Vodka or Mezcal or Tequila


Wednesday to Sunday (11am - 9pm)

Flan de caramelo y coco $7

Delicious homemade caramel flan with coconut flakes

Oblea $7

2 wafers with milk caramel and blueberry’s jelly

Fry & cold $5

Fried sweet plantain with ice cream and chocolate syrup